Style Guides

Modern Industrial

Create an on-trend authentic look with the latest industrial style lighting

Endon_modern Industrial

Endon_Modern Industrial_Urban cable set

Endon_modern Industrial_Hansen

Endon_Modern Industrial_pipe

Contemporary Interior

Light up your home with fresh designer style, perfect when paired with the latest on-trend LED filament lamps

Endon_Contemporary Interior_Studio

Endon_Contemporary Interior_Hoop

Endon_Contemporary Interior_Deco

Endon_Contemporary Interior_Rubens

Relaxed Classic

Choose classic lighting with a hint of modern overtones for a relaxed, stylish interior

Endon_Relaxed Classic_Nixon

Endon_Relaxed Classic_Easton

Endon_Relaxed Classic_Sagara

Endon_Relaxed Classic_Cordero

Soft Modern

Clean lines and calm forms combine to create inviting, relaxed rooms

Endon_Soft Modern_Elan

Endon_Soft Modern_Nova

Endon_Soft Modern_Scribble

Endon_Soft Modern_Tri

Sculptural LED

Light up your home with simple sophisticated style by selecting from our sculptural LED range

Endon_Sculptural LED_Jak

Endon_Sculptural LED_Rafe

Endon_Sculptural LED_Synergy

Endon_Sculptural LED_Jenkins

Boutique Hotel

Transform your home into a plush boutique hotel-inspired space

Endon_Boutique hotel_Delphine

Endon_Boutique hotel_Garland

Endon_Boutique hotel_Verina

Endon_Boutique hotel_Acadia

Crystal Chic

For the love of crystal...
create a romantic feel with striking light patterns and reflective finishes

Endon_Crystal chic_Acadia

Endon_Crystal chic_Talia

Endon_Crystal chic_Verina

Endon_Crystal chic_Fiennes