3 Reasons to Use PIR Lighting

1. Security

The clocks went back at the end of October which means that by late afternoon, it’s dark. Keep safe and light the way! Security lights will also deter any intruders as the light will snap on when their movement is detected

2. Functional doesn’t mean unattractive

When you think security lights, you think commercial-looking fittings, but this doesn’t have to be the case! See below our decorative PIR favourites to light the way to your door

3. Save money!

Choosing a light that is activated by movement means that you won’t need to keep the light on all night long for security. This can be very costly, especially now that the evenings are darker earlier as your light will be on for even longer. Save money, and choose PIR

PIR lighting

Our PIR favourites:

Try Traditional

Burford PIR

This wall lantern has a classic, traditional lantern design, evocative of vintage lighting. Fit with an LED filament lamp to complete the vintage look


Evesham PIR

Traditional lantern design fitted with modern technology, this LED wall light is both stylish & energy efficient

Select Stylish

Canon PIR

This popular sleek range of smart and stylish fittings is perfect for placement on the front wall of your home or by your front door

Make it Modern

Roko PIR

Fitted with modern technology, the Roko is LED, has a high light output and is constructed from marine grade stainless steel, so it won’t rust if fitted in coastal or other industrial locations

Canillo PIR

Modern in design and finish, this exterior wall light has a hidden LED light source and a textured dark matt finish

Products featured from left to right from the top:
Try Traditional: Burford PIR (YG-3004)Evesham (54555)Select Stylish: Canon 2LT PIR (EL-40062); Make It Modern: Roko PIR (67702), Canillo PIR (67698)